What is periodontics?

Periodontics is an advanced dental specialty that deals with the prevention, analysis and cure for the diseases surrounding the tissues of the teeth. Periodontist is a dentist who is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Causes of Periodontal Diseases:

Periodontics is a condition where the surrounding structures of a tooth are affected. The major causes of periodontal diseases are bacteria which are present in the dental plaque. It is the bacteria that causes infection to the gums and this will in turn lead to swelling.

Types of Periodontal Diseases:

There are various types of periodontal diseases. Some of them are

  • Aggressive Periodontitis
  • Chronic Periodontitis
  • Necrotizing Periodontal Diseases
  • Gingivitis

Among them gingivitis is the mildest disease of periodontics that affects the gums. This can be treated easily. The other types like Aggressive Periodontitis and Chronic Periodontitis get worse soon and will lead to tooth lose if not treated on time. Now there are many advanced treatments and surgeries that can cure periodontal disease.

Advanced Treatments and Surgeries in Periodontics:

Periodontal examinations and probing are done to diagnose the actual issue of the tooth. There are many treatments and surgeries now available to cure the gum issues and the other issues affecting the supporting structure of the teeth. Some of the advanced treatment methods of Periodontics are

  • Gingivectomy
  • Scaling and Root Planning
  • Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Osseous Surgery
  • Soft-tissue Grafts
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Bone Grafts

How to Prevent Periodontal Diseases?

As like any other dental issue, a periodontal disease can be prevented if only you practice dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will help a lot to keep your teeth free from major dental diseases. Similarly a regular dental check-up also helps to keep your teeth healthy.



Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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