Laser Root Canal

Laser Root Canal

Laser root canal treatment is becoming more and more popular because it is pain less. Laser could be considered as an organized light whose beam is concentrated and travels in a single direction. Laser beam could be created to the desired wavelength. This particular property of the laser beam helps in treating different dental ailments like cutting the teeth, cutting tissues that are sift or for activating and cell activity. For different activities laser beam of varying wavelength is used.

laser root canal treatment

Removal of decay:

Lasers can cut the tooth very easily without any side effects and also generates no heat and vibration during the process. This makes the process of cutting the tooth easier. Cutting of the tooth is resorted to when removal of decay is necessitated. After cutting the tooth, the decayed portion could be cleaned effectively and fillings could be applied where ever necessary. Everything is made possible without the use of anaesthesia with the usage of lasers.
Cutting of the tooth is also precisely done with the use of lasers that enable efficient removal of the decays that are caused by the bacteria.

Killing of Bacteria in root canals:

Lasers always travel in a straight line and their direction could not be changed or its wavelength disrupted due to obstructions in their path. This property of the laser beam is used to kill the bacteria in root canals. First the right wavelength that has to be used to sterilize and kill the bacteria is decided. This could be derived from the data compiled through researches made in this field for more than two decades by the scientists. Then the desired wavelength of laser beam is produced and passed on through the place where the bacteria are concentrated. It is observed that 99.8% of bacteria are destroyed by deploying this method. More the destruction more will be the success of root canal treatment.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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