Dental Jewellery

dental jewellery

Dental jewellery is in much demand nowadays like other body jewelleries. It is much demanded in cosmetic dentistry nowadays. They are fun as these small pieces need no drilling and so they do not harm the teeth. Your dentist can fix Twinkles in your teeth. These will remain for years if you want and can be removed without harm. The jewellery is simply cemented onto the tooth and can be changed if you want to change your smile.

Main Features:

  • They are temporary as they can be removed anytime.
  • There is no loss in tooth structure
  • No drilling or holes created

Steps to Apply the Tooth Jewellery:

  • A rubber dam is applied for isolation and to prevent the accidental attachment of the dental jewellery.
  • The surface of the tooth is cleaned with cups or brushes and polishing paste like Proxyt is used.
  • A 37% containing phosphoric acid like Total Etch is applied to the contact surface. The etched surface should be slightly bigger in diameter than the stone.
  • Tooth is to be etched for a minute
  • Then rinse off the phosphoric acid with water
  • Then apply a thin coat of Heliobond or Tetric Evoflow in the etched region.
  • Then the curing process is carried out for a minute.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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