problem with wisdom tooth

Wisdom Tooth always creates some panic in dentistry. Basically the process named Impaction or Wisdom Teeth Removal is quite fearful among children. From the very beginning, wisdom tooth has been a great headache of every people. Generally this elusive tooth occurs with molar and from the age between 17 and 25 it creates pain. The impacted wisdom tooth requires extraction when it starts pain.

Common Issues with Wisdom Tooth:

The disclosure of wisdom tooth is different from other. It is painful tooth compared to other teeth. The pain may arise during the growth or pain can be increased after completion of growth. Some certain common issues are highly attached with this kind of teeth. Common issues are mentioned below.

  • Germinated in wrong direction
  • Partial growth

The tendency of teeth is to move towards or away from second molars if teeth are germinated in wrong side. Wrongful direction leads to decay. The partial growth happens due to bacterial effect, inflammation and diseases associated with gum. In that case jawbone and soft tissues are affected and cause pain.

Treatment Procedure:

There is no doubt that wisdom tooth creates acute pain still it is curable. The way is to provide relief from pain is removal. Dentists take decision particularly when it gets inflamed or filled with pus. The first step of the removal is to intake antibiotic for reducing the swelling and infection. As removal is not safe whether it is infected with pus. X-ray provides complete current condition of wisdom tooth and makes sure that it can be removed now.

Post Operative Care:

If patients go to expert dentists or dental clinic they get proper treatment and suggestion through their proper measure patients experience painless impaction of wisdom tooth. Still it is to be mentioned that it is little bit complicated than simple extraction. So no strenuous activities are strongly recommended as post operative care.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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