Orthodontic Appliances

Not just braces can treat the misalignment of teeth and result in correct positioning of the teeth. Many other appliances are necessary for the Orthodontists to treat the patient well. Some of the Orthodontic Appliances are given below.

orthodontic treatment
Bite Plate

The aim of the Bite Plate is correcting deep bite. This condition is when the front teeth on the upper side come too far down over the front teeth on the lower side.


In some patients, the lower teeth and also the jaw will be very far back. Your lower jaw will be promoted incrementally by the use of Herbst and the growth will be on a natural basis.

Hawley retainers

After the removal of braces, Hawley Retainer, one kind of retainer will be used to retain the position or hold the teeth in new position. This will help supporting tissues to settle.

Nance Holding Arch

Nance Holding Arch or the Nance button contains one acrylic button covering a portion of the anterior plate and two bands in the region of back teeth.

Lingual Arch

Lingual Arch is one wire that is used in connecting the molars. Lingual Arch glues to molars and cannot be moved. It holds back the lower or upper first molars that are permanent their movement.

orthodontic treatment

Banded Appliances

orthodontic treatment

Bonded Appliances

orthodontic treatment

Lingual appliances

orthodontic treatment

Ceramic appliances

orthodontic treatmentPassive fixed appliance

orthodontic treatmentPassive fixed appliance-2
orthodontic treatmentPassive fixed appliance-3

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Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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