Your teeth are held strong in a place which stretches into your jawbone. The front teeth which have one root and the other like molars and premolars have two or more roots whose tip is known as apex. The blood vessels and nerves enter the tooth through this apex via a canal from the root and into the pulp cavity which is inside the crown. At the time of treating root canal, your professional dentists cleanse the canal with special tools through which the infected tissue and inflamed tissue are removed. In such situation, an Apicoectomy is required if any infection develops over the area and cant be cured even after the treatment

What is an Apicoectomy?

It is a type of procedure, mainly an oral surgery in which there is removal of the tip of the tooth root to save the tooth from being pulled out which causes a lot of pain. The main mission of the dentist is to keep your teeth intact. In general, the reasons to get Apicoectomy are to improve the signs of pain in teeth, keep free from swollen gums and tenderness which happens after a root canal treatment.

What mainly occurs during this procedure (Apicoectomy)?

The main thing that happens is the teeth are held in a right place by the tooth roots and the tip of every tooth, known as apex serve as a canal or an entrance for the blood vessels and the tissue into the tooth. During the procedure, the apex is removed with the infected tissue and sealed with a tooth filling though a surgical microscope.

Recovery tips for Apicoectomy patients

Dental care is more important for every surgical procedure to prevent infections and other complications. You need to:

  • Apply cold squash in the surgical area for 10-12 hours.
  • Need to avoid any strenuous activity
  • Need to take enough rest
  • Allow your gums and teeth to rest till they get healed.
  • Avoid crunchy foods and brush the surgical area and rinse continuously.

Finally, follow the guidelines of your dentists to get it cured in less time and get back to normal life.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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