Intentional Replantation of failed root canal treated teeth

The phrase Replantation means reinsertion of the tooth in its particular socket after the complete avulsion which happened due to some etiologies or trauma. Intentional Replantation is the process of extraction of a tooth to perform extra oral root canal therapy, curettage of the apical lesion when it is present and its replacement in its particular socket. Mainly, this method has been started nearly a thousand years ago and is carried till now, adding a few modern changes to it to do the task perfectly.

What actually is Intentional Replantation?

It is an endodontic treatment or purposeful extraction of the tooth, which is completely outside the oral cavity and later set back into its place to correct an apparent radiographic or endodontic failure. The process presents the feasibility of the treatment in a range of variations which reflects the root resorption.

Exact Intentional Replantation procedure

After giving anesthesia, gingivitis attachments of the central teeth are removed by sulcular incisions and periotome. The left upper tooth in the center is gently extracted and Granulation tissues in the sockets are removed gently to rinse the sockets with sterile saline. All the irritants are removed from the root surface with the use of the periodontal curettes with care. After that, extruded tooth is placed into its location by arranging the reimplantation place, at the apical end to let the tooth set in the new position.

Why this replantation is considered so essential?

It is considered as the final resort treatment in the form of an alternative for the periodontal teeth. It is mentioned that this treatment is completed approximately in 30 minutes to complete and present success of it. Well, the result of this Intentional Replantation of failed root canal treated teeth is related to the exact selection of the patient who requires immediate treatment to the root canal to keep the other tooth safe from infections and germs.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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