dental Hemisection


Hemisection of the mandibular molar is a suitable option of treating a decay that is restricted to only one root, the other root being a healthy one. This procedure is a form of the conservative dentistry that aims in retaining original tooth structure as much as possible.


Important things to be taken care while performing Hemisection

The results of Hemisection are quite predictable and the success rates are also high if certain things are considered basically. Hemisection or the removal of one root involves removing the root structure that is significantly compromised and the removal of associated coronal structure using deliberate excision.

Things to be taken care before performing Hemisection

  • Periodontal, endodontic and prosthodontic assessment is needed for the appropriate selection of the cases.
  • From a periodontal perspective, it should be checked whether there is a severe bone loss that is limited to one particular root only or the involvement of the Class 3 furcation should be checked that can lead to a stable root after the Hemisection.

Conditions where Hemisection is appropriate

  • This procedure is appropriate if patient is unable in performing needed oral hygiene in the area.
  • Roots extensive exposure because of the dehiscence is yet another indication for the excision of a root.
  • From the restorative standpoint, the treatment by using Hemisection is an indication of collapse of an abutment inside a fixed prosthesis, but a portion of the tooth has to be retained in order to act as abutment for prosthesis.
  • Endodontic failures that are untreatable due to the circumstances such as some perforations and the broken instruments are another indication for the Hemisection.
  • Vertical root fracture that is confined to one single root of the multi-rooted tooth or any other destructive process that are severe and are confined to one single root including caries, trauma and external root resorption.




Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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