Dental Abscess

Dental abscess is the condition formed by pus that affects the gums or teeth. It can cause vibrating pain which is due to the bacterial infection in the teeth. Basically, these infections generally happen to the people with meager dental care and health which are the main reason for the cause of dental abscess.

What are the causes of Dental abscess?

As mentioned, it is caused by the direct growth of bacteria from a present cavity that enters into the soft tissues and bones of the neck and the face. Here, an infected tooth, which hasnt been treated with a dental care, holds a complete chance of causing a dental abscess. Lack of oral hygiene and brushing the teeth improperly can cause infection in your teeth which may slowly spread to the gums and become a throbbing dental abscess.
What are the symptoms of Dental Abscess?

The main symptoms are:

  •   Swelling
  •   Pain
  •   Redness of the face and mouth
  •   Feeling of nausea, fever and vomiting
  •   Sensation of diarrhea and chills
  •   Tender feel with a touch
  •   Pus drainage
  •   Gum inflammation
  •   Feeling difficult to swallow, etc.

What are the complications in Dental abscess?

The complications can be:

  • The bacteria can spread to the gums, throat, and cheek, extends, under the tongue and even facial bones or jaw line.
  • Formation of pus at the infected area and increase of pain continuously.
  • The infection may block the airways causing complexity to breathe.
  • Can make the person ill with regular sweats.

How is Dental Abscess treated?

The infection can be treated initially with antibiotics like Paracetamol and ibuprofen. In case, if the abscess gets ruptured without any notice then it is best to rinse with warm water which will cleanse the mouth and relief pain. Mainly, the problem does not get cured on its own, but need to consult dentists who will treat the infection by draining the formed pus and removing the infected teeth.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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